Welcome to Tamarack Ridge Goldendoodles! Thank you for visiting our website! We are a small family breeder, specializing in Goldendoodles! Our poodles are bred with carefully chosen English Cream Retrievers that have proven health history. Providing  you high quality, of sound health and sweet gentle tempermants, our Goldendoodles are one of a kind!

If you are like us and love dogs but don't love dealing with the hair... you have come to the right place! Not only are these dogs "allergy-friendly", there is light to no shedding! These make excellent pets for households with allergies or those that love the companion but not the shedding!

Goldendoodles take on the most desirable traits of the Golden Retriever and the Poodle for a perfect family pet! English Retrievers are known to have great dispositions, are versatile, intelligent and are calm at an earlier age than other breeds. The Poodle is known for it's intelligence, loyalty, and friendly companionship! So what you have is a beautiful, calm, allergy-friendly, minimal shedding, intelligent, loyal companion!!! What more can one ask for?!

Our puppies come from Champion pedigree's, AKC Registered and proven health history on both parents. Our puppies are current on their vaccinations, deworming, and are vet checked and on their way to being crate trained and understanding basic commands, when you take them home! Our puppies are well socialized, loved by children and exposed to cats!!

Families and individuals all over the United States enjoy Goldendoodles, from the condo dweller in Seattle, Portland, Boise, San Francisco and Los Angeles to the home owner in Minneapolis, Reno, Spokane, Issaquah and Anchorage..Goldendoodles are the perfect companion!

We hope you enjoy our website! Let us know how we can assist you!

Breeding Allergy-friendly, bright, gentle, loyal companions!