Adeline "Addie" Is super sweet and loves kids! She is the daughter of Lucy and loves to hangout with her guardian family. Her guardian family has 3 girls ages range from college to 8 years old. Addie is a favorite of the neighborhood kids. Her guardian mom is a teacher and Addie occasionally makes it to the classroom. She is 21" tall and 56lbs

Maggie is super sweet and has a therapy like personality, everyone who meets her falls in love with her. She lives with her guardian family and loves to be the center of attention. Maggie is a goldendoodle and will have F1b goldendoodles. Her puppies as adults should be in the 25-35lbs range. Maggie is 18" tall and 35lbs.

Mayla -  Came to us from Missouri and is AKC registered. She has a gentle, loving temperament. Loves her daily walks, she loves to sit at your feet when it's time to sit down and relax! Mayla lives with her guardian family, who has 3 young kids. She is 20" tall and weighs 54lbs.  Mayla is a beautiful English Cream Retriever.

English Cream Goldendoodles
Teddybear English Cream Goldendoodle

Sheniagh - Is a AKC registered English cream retriever, She lives with us here at Tamarack Ridge. Sheniagh has a sweet personality loves to be by our side. She enjoys going for long walks in the country, finding a shady place to nap and occasionally letting the deer know they are not welcome in moms flowers : )

Serendipity Joy (Sarah) - She's an AKC registered English Cream Retriever, Sarah lives with Annabelle(see below) and her guardian family on 5 acres. She loves people, going for walks and hanging out with her Family. She's great with kids and has the gentlest personality. Sarah an excellent companion, get's along great with all of the other dogs. She is 20" tall and 52lbs. 

teddybear goldendoodle, portland, seattle,

Chloe - Is a small F1 Standard goldendoodle, she was born here at Tamarack Ridge. Her mom is Belle one of our original breeding dogs(now retired living on the OR coast), her dad is Scout an English cream retriever. She has a fun go with the flow personality. She lives with her guardian family and loves adventures. Her puppies will be mid-sized F1b's.

Luna - Is a AKC registered English cream retriever, she has a blocky build and will produce beautiful English cream teddy bear goldendoodles. She live with her guardian family and is wonderful with their grandkids. She has a relaxed easygoing personality.  

Annabelle is a country girl at heart, she loves playing with Sarah(see above), going for hikes fetching just about anything and cozying up by the fireplace for a nap. She lives on 5 acres with her guardian family who has two young boys. Annabelle is 21" tall and 57lbs.

Arya - Is a AKC registered Standard poodle with a beautiful deep brown coat. Arya may be the smartest dog I've ever met, she lives with her guardian family and her best friend Indy(one of our doodles), she loves to be loved and has a sweet personality. She will have standard size goldendoodles. 

Breeding Allergy-Friendly, bright, gentle, loyal companions!

Sadie is a goldendoodle and will have F1b puppies.  She was born here at Tamarack Ridge and is a beautiful apricot color and will deliver the sweetest Teddy Bear Goldendoodles. Sadie lives with a guardian family with 3 kids ages 11, 3 and 1.  She loves attention and to just be where the action is! Sadie is very gentle, sweet, and loves her walks! She is 19" tall and weighs 38 lbs.