Charlie- Charlie has an outstandingly calm, easy going personality, a  "therapy style" personality. Even as a puppy he would calmly rest in your arms and is still that way today.

Charlie's coat is a very loose curl and a deep shade of red. He has a truly square body style, a tender personality and everything we had hoped for!!!

Charlie weights about 27 pounds and is 19 inches tall.

The Moyen Poodles is a small standard poodle. This falls in between the miniature and the standard poodle in size, although not  an official AKC size variation, and fairly rare in the United States, it is popular in France as a 'Moyen' and a 'Klein' in Europe. Moyen Poodles have the great standard poodle temperament, yet come in a smaller size! The Moyen ranges from 16-20" tall and 25-35 lbs.

  We chose to use Charlie, due to personality, and to offer the Smaller Goldendoodle, but not loose out on the exceptional Standard Poodle Personality!                                        

Jack- "Joop Sanitacteam Day" European Champion -  Jack is a very handsome sweet boy.  He loves hanging out with the kids, is very laid back. He has a nice big Blocky head, which is a feature we look for to provide us with the Teddy Bear Doodles!!  We appreciate the partnership with Sweet Cream Goldens for sharing Jack with us!

Ripley - Ripley is the newest member of our team, he is a AKC registered Moyen poodle. He has a wavy deep red coat, sweet personality and is super smart. Ripley lives with his guardian family who has 3 kids he loves to cuddle with. He has passed his preliminary OFA hips and elbows.

Breeding Allergy-Friendly, bright, gentle, loyal companions!

Scout - 'Midas Scout Sweetcream' - is a great companion whether sitting by your side watching a movie, playing in the yard with the kids, or taking a walk, hike, swim or bike ride! His bloodlines are full of champions and he has the stunning looks and personality to prove it! Scout is another great stud from Sweet Cream Goldens!